Clarity in Goal Setting

Recently, I was blessed with an opportunity to reassess my goals with new clarity.  Instead of starting strictly with I wanted to do (and feeling the pressure of what needs to be written), I started with my own strengths.  What do I have to offer?  Not what do I want to provide?  But, what do I have to offer right now?

I have the skill to write my fiction, and what I lack in craftsmanship can only be developed through the acts of outlining, writing, and re-writing.  Nonfiction requires a different set of skills, and while I have many of those skills, there are some ambitions that I’m just not ready for.

So, I have reassessed my goals.  I have put what I can do now ahead of what I need to develop new skills to do.  I have stopped chasing after something I’m not ready for—and feeling like a failure for not catching it—and have refocused myself on projects I’m ready for right now.  I’m also throwing in the occasional short project that I can do with a little bit of stretching, which will help prepare me for some of the more ambitious projects I want to do in the future.

Clarity afforded, with success to be awarded.

About Stephanie Allen Crist

Stephanie created and produces in answer to a call from God to use her experiences and gifts to help others. Stephanie is also the author of and two books that can be found on that site. Stephanie strives to share her love, faith, and talents in an inclusive manner to help others who know spiritual pain and who know the bitter taste of the dregs of despair.
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