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Differentiating Tasks: Ways to Improve Your Work

Writers have to do many things to get their work into publishable condition.  Some writers try to do many of these tasks simultaneously.  Others break up each task into a distinct draft.  Either method is fine, if it works for … Continue reading

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Concept and Characters Colliding

You may start your idea-generation process with a concept or with a character, or perhaps you have the theme or a scene in mind.  It doesn’t matter where you start.  You don’t have a story until you have characters colliding … Continue reading

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Marketing Your Fiction

There are many ways to market your fiction work.  Some methods work better for different genres; others work better for different writing platforms. Most writers know about: Keeping a website. Maintaining a blog. Using social media. Distributing a newsletter. Speaking … Continue reading

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Teaching Appreciation

All my teaching experience has been informal, usually one-on-one.  Last week, I had the opportunity to teach my step-son.  It was something of a crisis situation, and I had two conflicting goals to accomplish.  First, I had to provide him … Continue reading

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What Might Yet Be

The alarm clock crowed its jangling song, shaking Tori from her restless dreams.  She stretched—her mind hazy in that disorienting moment between sleep and waking.  A misty image of a man stood before her, reached out to her, and gently … Continue reading

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Twisted Reflection

The stench of decaying carp wafted from the Rock River.  Foot traffic scurried over the bridge.  People went about their business as quickly as possible to escape the smell.  Cars whizzed overhead, faster than they should.  Loud music thumped through … Continue reading

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Crafting a Poem

One of the projects I’m working on right now is a collection of poetry.  The only description I can offer at this time of development is that the collection of poems will move between light and dark. While tackling a … Continue reading

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