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Website Update

I’ve recently updated my website, and I’d like to invite you to check it out. Cruise around and check out what I write about: Nonfiction Fiction Poetry And then you might want to check out my new service: Marketing for … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: The Fated Saga

So, this time I found a trailer that fits neatly within its designated genre.  Watch and see how the creator maximizes the potential of the genre: What works: I love the magic sparkles. The teaser is exciting and interesting. The … Continue reading

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Becoming a Speaker

I’m terrified of public speaking.  I used to have anxiety attacks at the very idea of having to speak, let alone what happened when the time to speak finally came. But speaking is part of my future career and it’s … Continue reading

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Writing Tight

Recently I had an article to write on assignment.  After conducting all my research, I had 8,000 to 10,000 words, mostly in the form of interviews.  It was a lot of material, and a lot of it evoked powerful emotions.  … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: On Suspending Disbelief

As a Christian, I enjoy fiction that incorporates a Christian worldview into the story.  Not Christian fiction per se, though I read that, too, but I prefer stories in which the characters bring their own Christianity into the story.  Madeleine … Continue reading

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On Telling the Story of Your Story

First you tell your story.  Then, when you’re ready to sell it (to agents, publishers and/or readers), you tell the story of your story. Actually, it’s more than that.  On the one hand, you will be asked to literally tell … Continue reading

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Mixing Storylines

As you may be aware, in season 2 of Nikita, Michael and Nikita get together, struggling between the hopes of one day having a “normal” family and their calling of achieving justice in a world of spying, assassination, and intrigue.  … Continue reading

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