The Truth in the Story

A lot of marketing nowadays borders on fiction.  A lot of marketing crosses the border and runs amok on the other side of the truth.  Though you write and sell fiction, this isn’t the kind of marketing you want to engage in.

Readers buy a book because it’s fiction, but if the marketing that sells that book to them is equally made up, you burn their trust.  That book they bought sells for a few bucks.  A single sale is not what a career is made of.  You need repeat business.  You need word of mouth.  You need to keep their trust.  So, you need to tell the truth.  Make a good story of the truth, of course, but stick to what’s true.  Don’t build up readers’ expectation, then turn around and disappoint them.

About Stephanie Allen Crist

I write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and essays. I also provide business and resume writing services. Here on Caressing the Muse, I will write about the joys of storytelling, the art of writing, and my own work. I will also post regular reviews of novels, short stories, poems, television shows, movies, and writing about writing. Check out to learn more!
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One Response to The Truth in the Story

  1. acflory says:

    That’s such a good point Stephanie. There’s been a lot of talk on Indies Unlimited lately about bad marketing from the perspective of spamming where writers contribute nothing to a discussion and simply use it as a place to annoy others with their book title etc. What you’re talking about is a slightly different side of the same coin. /Good/ marketing is about building trust and relationships, not about trying to do a hard sell that devalues both the book and the author.
    Great reading as always.:)

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