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Are Short Stories Marketable?

I know you can sell short stories to magazines and have them published either online or in print, but I was surprised to discover that you can self-publish short stories through Amazon and sell them directly to customers.  I also … Continue reading

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What Do You Do When The Story Sneaks Up On You?

The way I write novels is heavy on the planning.  The way I write short stories is not.  It’s one of the reasons why my efforts on novels always turn out better.  Simply put, they make sense.  It takes a … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: The Hunger Games

So, I went to my final workshop.  This time I brought the first two pages of a short story I’d worked on awhile back and had to set aside in favor of more pressing projects.  As you might imagine, my … Continue reading

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Test Marketing: Workshop Readings

Over the weekend before last, I had a fabulous experience reading a small sample of my memoir to a workshop of my fellow writers.  Some of the participants were students from some of my previous classes who knew at least … Continue reading

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Craft Means Rules

This is probably going to be an unpopular post, because I’m going to tell you something that many of you really don’t want to hear. Professional writing is a three-edged sword and two of those edges involve rules.  First, there’s … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: What Did I Just Watch?

Okay, here’s a nod to “Money can’t buy happiness.” It’s beautiful, I’ll give them that.  Visually interesting.  Great music.  Well done.  But… What is it about? No, really, I’m asking.  Has anyone read this series?  Does anyone know what the … Continue reading

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The Essential Platform

When it comes to platform, you have a nearly infinite number of choices.  A lot of people will tell you that social media is essential.  Sure, it’s a good idea, but if you have a better idea, then why shouldn’t … Continue reading

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