The Essential Platform

When it comes to platform, you have a nearly infinite number of choices.  A lot of people will tell you that social media is essential.  Sure, it’s a good idea, but if you have a better idea, then why shouldn’t you go with it?  The key isn’t how you get your platform or what tools you use to build it, it’s building a platform you can use.

So, what is the essential platform?  The answer is readers, of course!  Straightforward and simple, but not to be confused with quick or easy.

Your essential platform is having a way to reach out to a lot of readers who are willing to let you influence them.  The more people who are willing to let you influence them, the more people you have who will be willing to consider buying your book.

It’s a numbers game, people.  The more people who are interested in your work and willing to listen to you pitch a new book to them, the stronger your platform is.  If you only have followers in the hundreds, then you’re not likely to sell many books.  If you have followers in the thousands, then you’re likely to sell more books.  If you have followers in the millions, then you’re likely to sell the most books.

Straightforward and simple, but not quick or easy.  It takes a lot of work to build a successful platform that will influence thousands or hundreds of thousands of readers.  So, you need to get started and you need to keep working and you need to think creatively and you need to offer something of value even before you have your first book.  Platform makes the difference between self-publishing for kicks and choosing between self-publishing or independent publishing or traditional publishing based on your goals and resources.  After all, without a platform you won’t have a publisher.

About Stephanie Allen Crist

Stephanie created and produces in answer to a call from God to use her experiences and gifts to help others. Stephanie is also the author of and two books that can be found on that site. Stephanie strives to share her love, faith, and talents in an inclusive manner to help others who know spiritual pain and who know the bitter taste of the dregs of despair.
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2 Responses to The Essential Platform

  1. acflory says:

    I agree! But as always, the ‘devil’s in the details’. So far most of the people on my ‘platform’ are friends rather than potential buyers but I simply can’t make myself function in any other way. I just hope that a few will like my work for its own sake. I live in hope. 🙂

  2. Friends are good. Friends can be potential buyers. Friends can have friends that are potential buyers.

    Your blog, for example, may have started with friends and may have helped you meet new ones, but there are also potential buyers in the mix. Personally, I’d count myself as both. 😉

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