Trailer Time: Almost Effective

I wanted to see if I could find any trailers for short stories—particularly fantasy short stories—and I found this:

It’s actually for a series of short stories, but it’s a quick dose of potential.

Thrilling music, a sense of the author’s identity, a visual peek, a simple statement that defines the character, a simple statement that defines the plot, and a promise of adventure to pique the reader’s interest.

It’s a teaser, not a full trailer, but it has a lot of potential.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t lead anywhere.  The link that’s provided (in the blurb on YouTube, not in the trailer) leads to nothing.  A search did not lead me to the website either.

What is the point of generating interest if the people whose interest you attract can’t act on it?

About Stephanie Allen Crist

Stephanie created and produces in answer to a call from God to use her experiences and gifts to help others. Stephanie is also the author of and two books that can be found on that site. Stephanie strives to share her love, faith, and talents in an inclusive manner to help others who know spiritual pain and who know the bitter taste of the dregs of despair.
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3 Responses to Trailer Time: Almost Effective

  1. acflory says:

    This is the second trailer you’ve found now that leads nowhere. How very strange, and also a timely reminder of what not to do!

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