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Unscheduled Downtime

I had plans for this week.  I was going to enjoy my new office.  I was going to work hard and get caught up.  But things didn’t quite happen that way. With my laptop’s performance deteriorating at an alarming rate, … Continue reading

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What Are You Offering?

So, you’ve written something.  Maybe it’s a short story or a novel.  Maybe it’s an article or a book.  The point is that you’ve written something and now you want it published, but more than that, you want it read. … Continue reading

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Character + Conflict = Plot

It’s a simple, but powerful equation.  It’s a powerful equation because of its simplicity. Let’s say you want to tell a story about a wonderful (or terrible) world in which magic is real.  This is the common concept that unites … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: Watch Your Own Trailer, Please

So, as I launch myself back into the blogosphere, I wanted to be sure to get a current trailer.  I wasn’t too picky, as long as the trailer had been released recently.  This is what I found… Let’s assume for … Continue reading

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Caressing the Muse will return to its regularly scheduled programming once I’m caught up on my work, after I’ve recovered from this lingering fatigue. My apologies!

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Publishing a Book is a Big Deal

That seems obvious, right?  For you, it certainly is.  But how do you go about making it a big deal for others? In the best of worlds, publishing a book is big news that garners you a lot of attention.  … Continue reading

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Building Skills

Most writers realize they need to build their writing skills.  Especially early on, when the writing career is just a dream and the writing reality is that you don’t know how to bring what’s in your mind to the page.  … Continue reading

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