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Capturing Your Essence

As a writer, you offer your reading audience a variety of things.  As a fiction writer, you offer the stories you tell, the characters and worlds you create, the plots and sub-plots you devise, your pacing and timing, and the … Continue reading

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Loving Words

As a writer, you have a lot of tools.  But it all comes down to the words you use. As I go through life, as a reader, as a writer, as a student, and just living my life, I collect … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: What If…

It’s the classic question, especially when it comes to anything speculative fiction.  But can it serve an effective promotional purpose?  Watch and find out! First, you see the book cover with a tinkling sort of music in the background, very … Continue reading

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Election-Year Buckshot

I’ve never fired a gun, so perhaps this metaphor is a stretch, but as I understand it buckshot is tiny pellet-like stuff stuffed in place of a bullet that scatters out from the gun, hitting a lot of things on … Continue reading

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Beating Your Drum

In my effort to tackle, wrangle, and tame some of my longer works—especially when working on multiple projects—I’ve developed a new-found appreciation for story beats.  While I’ve long used them (without realizing it at first), it’s only recently that I’ve … Continue reading

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Building Momentum By Delivering Product

A book is a big deal.  I’ve said it.  You know it. But most of us need to build ourselves up to writing a book.  And, you know what?  Many readers prefer to build themselves up to reading one! Small … Continue reading

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Author Spotlight: Travis Breeding

I want to try something new.  I was on Facebook the other day—connecting with new people and interacting with people I’d already connected with—when I became connected with Travis Breeding.  He sent me a message and we chatted via Facebook … Continue reading

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