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Dreaming Inspiration

Dreams can be very entertaining.  You’re caught up in an experience that can feel very real.  It can make perfect sense while you’re immersed in it. It won’t make for a good story, though, because dreams as stories rarely make … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: Right Technique, Wrong Objective

I searched specifically for a 2013 book trailer and I found this: Book trailers are audio-visual mediums.  In order to create a high quality book trailer, you need to combine the audio and the visual elements of your trailer much … Continue reading

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Selling a World

Many books in the speculative fiction genres—whether they are stand-alone novels or books in a series—are stories of worlds.  While there are characters with stakes in these stories, these characters are often chosen because their decisions impact the world around … Continue reading

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World Building and Milieu Development

In the worlds of speculative fiction, world building and milieu development are an essential part of the storytelling process.  Whenever you tell a story set in an environment drastically removed from the environment of your readers, you need to invest … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: Too Long…and Why?

I wanted to watch a trailer that was geared toward an adult audience without being smutty.  This is what I found: As you undoubtedly noticed, the first minute and thirty seconds (written out long, because it feels very long) is … Continue reading

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Igniting Passion

As my last post indicates, I’m rather disappointed with television.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love being able to watch stories unfold in film and my preference for “epics” makes television more appealing than movies, but the necessity to gain … Continue reading

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Rant: Why Books Are Better

I love intellectually and emotionally challenging entertainment.  I love fiction that makes me question my beliefs, my assumptions, and my own awareness.  I love fiction that pulls me out of the known and asserts the possibility of the unknown. I … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: A Single Word Can Insert Doubt

So, I watched this trailer: I like the concept.  I think I could enjoy the book.  But… Technology is a word commonly associated with computers and other devices which we use to manipulate the world around us.  We think of … Continue reading

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Using Freebies to Win a Following

First, you should know that there are some great authors who’ve successfully used this strategy to either launch or upgrade their writing careers by establishing or expanding their base of loyal followers. It’s a great marketing idea, but… See, the … Continue reading

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Your First Book

I’m not talking about your first novel.  And I’m not talking about a book that you turn into a series after it’s written and been published.  I’m talking about the first book that you write to launch your series. You … Continue reading

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