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Being Present

The time is now.  Right this moment, whatever moment this moment happens to be, is the time.  We live in the present.  Sure, we hope for the future and we learn from the past.  But we’re here now… Wait, that’s … Continue reading

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Being Yourself

In case you didn’t realize, I’m quirky.  I think differently than most people.  I act differently than most people.  I write differently than most people.  Sure, part of it is that I am a committed artist.  Part of it, however, … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: Beyond the Trailer

First of all, this trailer proves that actors and movie shots don’t sell books, at least not by themselves: Is anyone else wondering what the heck is going on?  The trailer claims to advertise a trilogy and three books are … Continue reading

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I’ll be taking a break this week, so I can find my stride with the new combination of family, school, and work.  See you next week!

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What Is Facebook For?

It seems everywhere I turn people are asking me about Facebook.  Part of it is, of course, that I’ve been seeking out what writers want to know about marketing.  Another part is I’ve been serving new clients.  But I can’t … Continue reading

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Nailing the Concept

The concept is an important element for any story, but the concept is especially essential for any story in the speculative fiction genre. You should be able to express your concept as a “What If…?” question: What if Molyn, a … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: By Request

The following trailer was recommended by ACFlory, a good friend and frequent reader.  She thought this trailer nailed it: And, boy, was she right! This trailer combines the visual elements necessary for a successful trailer with a storyline progression that … Continue reading

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