Trailer Time: When Digging Deeper Leads to Disappointment

Sorry, there will be no book trailer today.  You see, I decided to investigate “Muses of Roma” to see if a follow up video was available, since the first video “felt” like a teaser.

All I found was this:  It’s a blog with two posts, one from April 2013 and one from May 2013.

Lessons learned?

About Stephanie Allen Crist

Stephanie created and produces in answer to a call from God to use her experiences and gifts to help others. Stephanie is also the author of and two books that can be found on that site. Stephanie strives to share her love, faith, and talents in an inclusive manner to help others who know spiritual pain and who know the bitter taste of the dregs of despair.
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4 Responses to Trailer Time: When Digging Deeper Leads to Disappointment

  1. acflory says:

    I thought at first that he was a debut author but he’s not, he has about 5 books published. How many he’s sold I have no idea. I suspect his marketing is a /lot/ worse than mine. Something about this author intrigued me though so I bought his short story for $1.99. If it’s any good I might invest in one of his full length novels at $4.99. And if I like /that/, I’m going to tell him to get his butt over here to learn about marketing. lol

    • Wow. From what little I found, I assumed he was a debut author still working on his first book. I didn’t even look for published work.

      The impressions we create matter. Most potential readers wouldn’t do the kind of work you did to find and purchase something.

      (Yes, your marketing is much, much better!)

      • acflory says:

        lmao – I have you to thank for the marketing. Haven’t started reading his short story yet but I’ll let you know what it’s like once I do.

  2. I look forward to your critique! 🙂

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