Building Your Story

Building a story takes time.  Depending on the nature of your story, you may need to build a world, a system of rules to govern magic or technology, a system of politics or governance, a culture, and, of course, your cast of characters.  You also need to plot your story out and you may need to weave a sub-plot or three.  Then, you need to put the pieces together into a draft, then a crafted draft, and finally a polished draft.  The greater the scale of your story, the longer the work will take you.

It generally starts with some kind of question:  “What if…?”  The question will depend entirely on what strikes your curiosity, though what you start with will only be a fraction of what you end up with.

When such a question captivates your mind, it’s all very exciting and it’s good to share your excitement with potential readers.  This is part of marketing.  And that brings us to our next post…

About Stephanie Allen Crist

Stephanie created and produces in answer to a call from God to use her experiences and gifts to help others. Stephanie is also the author of and two books that can be found on that site. Stephanie strives to share her love, faith, and talents in an inclusive manner to help others who know spiritual pain and who know the bitter taste of the dregs of despair.
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4 Responses to Building Your Story

  1. acflory says:

    lol – in my case it was something like 10 drafts and countless revisions, not to mention a lot of years. 😀

    And the next post is…?

  2. Marketing is always a work-in-progress.

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