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Loving the Groove

I have multiple projects going at once, plus graduate school (again), plus raising three children with special needs, plus maintaining this thing we call sanity.  Despite the seemingly insane (and sometimes truly crazy) workload I carry, it’s not driven by … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: The “Groupthink” Edition

The tease for this trailer was simply irresistible: Yes, I have (or, at least, had) a copy of Grimm’s Fairytales growing up.  I also watched the Disney versions.  The idealized fairytale lost most of its appeal when I was twelve.  … Continue reading

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What’s Your Pitch?

This isn’t a baseball metaphor, it’s a music metaphor.  Think of some of the sales pitches (yes, yet another version of the word) you’ve heard over the years.  Some are seductive, others are grating; some are enticing, others are chilling.  … Continue reading

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Getting Caught Up

A good story can transport you into a different environment, a different body, a different mind, and a different life.  You get caught up in the characters and their world and the events that are shaping them both.  You become, … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: Beautifully Sad

So, I was searching for a “SF book trailer” released this week and this came up: There’s absolutely no indication in the trailer that it fits the designation “SF,” meaning science fiction.  It seems like a solid historical drama.  But … Continue reading

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The Danger of Busy Work

As a professional marketer, I know just how many tasks can be involved in marketing a product.  Businesses, especially bigger businesses, maintain specialized staff to take care of these tasks.  As a writer, though, especially a beginning writer, all of … Continue reading

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Long-Term Value

There are stories you want to read over and over again and then there are stories you read once, enjoy for a moment, and then forget about.  Do you know what makes the difference for your readers? For me, the … Continue reading

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