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You’ll Be Happy to Know

I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. I just got extremely busy between getting ready to start my school, getting the boys ready to start their school, and working for clients. With any luck, my regularly scheduled programming … Continue reading

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Using What You Have

We all have limited resources. When we stare down at what little we have and look up at how much we want to (or think we have to) build, it can all be very daunting and very overwhelming. It might … Continue reading

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Effective Advertisement

It’s occurred to me that making a movie (assuming its successful) of your book is a very effective form of advertisement. The irony, of course, is that your book must almost certainly be a success before anyone would buy the … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: Time for Some Redemption

As both a Christian and a lover of fantasy, I can’t resist a good redemption story: Before we start analyzing this trailer, let’s recap. In every trailer, I’m looking for: An introduction to the plot, An introduction to the main … Continue reading

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Get Them Asking

If people ask, that’s a sign of interest. Your job, then, is to get them to ask questions! Why Purple Pen? Usually, by the time someone asks me that questions, my services are all-but sold. The only time I’ve lost … Continue reading

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Why Purple Pen?

People ask this question a lot. For those of you who don’t know, I run Purple Pen Writing Services. I provide marketing, content marketing, copywriting, and a host of other services to clients. But why did I name my business … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: Parody with Style

I found a trailer with a unique style: First, I’ve got to admit, I don’t like parodies. I just…don’t. But I liked this trailer! (If only from a marketing point of view.) It starts with a blank, black screen. The … Continue reading

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