Stephanie Allen Crist writes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and essays.  She also provide business and resume writing services.  Here on Caressing the Muse, Stephanie will write about the joys of storytelling, the writing craft, and the business of writing, and her own work.  Stephanie will also post occasional reviews of novels, short stories, poems, television shows, movies, and writing about writing.  Check out www.StephanieAllenCrist.com to learn more!

2 Responses to About

  1. L Thornton says:

    Hello, why you haten on my book and you never even read it, and the video is the best we could do because of the lack of money, so it is not professionally done; we stated in the video what people who have read our book said about it . Who are you, and why did you pick my video to write this long review about .I don’t expect everyone to like my book or my video, but this you have written is cruel, but that’s ok, everyone has a right to their opinion. But we will move on with the help of God to overlook bad reviews from people like you, because I’m positively sure we will have many more, all the more reasons to rise above and endure. Even so wishing you wellness and blessing from God.

    • I am not “haten” on your book, or even “hatin'” on your book.

      I am a professional writer who is providing other writers (both professional and pre-professional) with marketing advice by analyzing the marketing materials that are distributed–in this case a book trailer. I have analyzed many book trailers on this blog and have received positive feedback for my efforts. Mission accomplished: I’m help writers improve their marketing.

      Marketing, like all other aspects of writing, is a skill that is learned, often through trial and error. I gave my honest, professional opinion with no malice or cruelty.

      Such a response as yours is unprofessional and is not indicative of someone who is “overlook[ing] bad reviews.” Besides, it wasn’t a review, it was an analysis of your marketing.

      My advice, for what it’s worth, is to learn from the experience and improve your skills.

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