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Welcome to!

If you’re still on the old blog, I invite you to hop on over here. You should find all the old posts you’ve enjoy or made in the past. (We’re trying to ensure all the comments transfer too, but this … Continue reading

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Timing Is (Almost) Everything

Two big things are happening soon. First, my website is getting a much needed overhaul at the hands of experts in digital marketing. Second, my memoir, Discovering Autism / Discovering Neurodiversity is being self-published in both electronic and print … Continue reading

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What I was told…

When I was ten years old, I discovered that the books I loved were written by real people. I was told that people made a living writing books and telling stories. So, when Career Day came around, I did my … Continue reading

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The Story In My Dreams

I keep having this dream that spills over into my waking life. It involves the power inherent in the number 3, which is a very important number for me and has been since I was 7, but that’s another story. … Continue reading

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Away Away, for Now

I’m putting my fiction away for now. It was a hard choice, reluctantly made. But I’ve got other priorities that I want to see fulfilled. Once they are, I hope to be generating enough residual income to give myself room … Continue reading

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Plans for the New Year

I’ve been working on my “first” book for a while now.  Technically, I wrote several unsalvageable drafts of my first novel years ago.  But that’s not what I’m talking about.  I have a book contract with Influence Publishing for a … Continue reading

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Nailing the Concept

The concept is an important element for any story, but the concept is especially essential for any story in the speculative fiction genre. You should be able to express your concept as a “What If…?” question: What if Molyn, a … Continue reading

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