Marketing For Authors

A lot of different skills are required to produce a successful, published book, and no single person can master them all.  Authors need the talent and creative insight to come up with ideas.  Then, they need the skill and craftsmanship to execute those ideas by planning, writing, and revising their manuscripts.  That manuscript needs to be edited and copyedited.  Fact-checking may need to be done.  The work needs to be laid out in publishable format.  Cover art needs to be created.  Legal documents need to be filed to safeguard ownership of the work.  The book needs to be distributed to bookstores and other sales outlets.

And you haven’t even reached your readers yet!

A lot of work goes into publishing a successful book, whether you are publishing it yourself or using a traditional publisher as a vehicle for production and distribution.  But, once your book is published, the work is not done.  You still need to reach your audience.  This, my friends, is called marketing.

For authors, marketing is simple, but it’s not easy.  Marketing requires a different set of skills than writing a novel or a nonfiction book.  Acquiring this skill set, either by developing it yourself or hiring a marketer, is necessary for publishing success.  Assuming you want to earn a return on your investment, you need to sell your book to readers.  Many writers cringe at the idea.  They’re writers not salespeople.

The fact is I’m not a salesperson either.  But I am a marketer.  I’m also a writer.  I use my knowledge as a writer who knows to market and a marketer who knows how to write to help my fellow writers market their work effectively.

If you are interested in my marketing services please visit me.

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