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A Marketing Mind from the Beginning

Writing a story, especially a first novel, is a difficult, hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing, vein-popping, knuckle-scraping sort of thing.  There are so many things to keep track of: character development, the main plot line, the subplot lines, consistent descriptions, pacing, voice, theme, … Continue reading

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Marketing the Book or Marketing the Series: Part 4

This is the final post in a four-part series. Marketing a Series: The Big Picture Now, if you’ve followed me this far, then chances are you want to write a series and you want to market it effectively.  You may … Continue reading

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The Art of Business

There is artistry to the business of writing.  Perhaps not as much artistry as in the writing itself, but the business of writing relies on intuitive, artistic qualities that go beyond the nuts-and-bolts science of business. Like writing, your business … Continue reading

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Craft vs. Art vs. Business

Writing is a craft: As a craft, writers are expected to adhere to certain established principles that determine assessed quality of a written piece:  these principles apply to everything from grammar to structure, from genre boundaries to logical development, from … Continue reading

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