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Self-Publishing is Production and Distribution

Whenever you make your writing available to your readers, you are making a marketing decision. Whether the piece of writing is for sale or for free, whether it’s print or electronic, whether it’s distributed widely or narrowly, all these choices … Continue reading

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Why Purple Pen?

People ask this question a lot. For those of you who don’t know, I run Purple Pen Writing Services. I provide marketing, content marketing, copywriting, and a host of other services to clients. But why did I name my business … Continue reading

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Is Business Planning Really That Difficult?

Planning is a strength of mine. It’s a strength that I’ve worked hard to develop. Whether a client is good at planning or not, I can usually contribute knowledge, expertise, and skill to their business or marketing planning activities that … Continue reading

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Recovery Stage 1: Working for a Living

As some of you may know, I write for a living. Since I don’t have any well-selling books under my belt, I earn my living as a freelancer.  If I don’t write, I don’t make money. That’s bad considering I’m … Continue reading

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Selling In

We use the words “selling out” to describe artists, including authors, who sacrifice their art and craft for the sake of profiting off their work.  Generally, “selling out” refers to people who are capable of high quality work, who instead … Continue reading

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Creating Your Own Publishing Company

In my last marketing post, I addressed the issue of creating the illusion of having a publisher by creating a publisher-in-name-only.  Now, I’d like to take a look at the alternative. In the contemporary marketplace, you can become your own … Continue reading

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A Marketing Mind from the Beginning

Writing a story, especially a first novel, is a difficult, hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing, vein-popping, knuckle-scraping sort of thing.  There are so many things to keep track of: character development, the main plot line, the subplot lines, consistent descriptions, pacing, voice, theme, … Continue reading

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