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Being Sensitive to Others’ Sensitivities

We produce our work for our own reasons. Sometimes it is necessary to purposefully offend people in the process. Some artists even enjoy rattling other people’s sensibilities by offending them on purpose. They get a kick out of it. Other … Continue reading

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Creating Expectations

Understanding genre and subgenre is important, because it gives you the knowledge you need to craft and defy readers’ expectations in ways that work.  You need to use this same understanding when you craft your marketing messages. In the trailers … Continue reading

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Thematic Score

You know how movies can have a great musical score playing in the background (or not so much in the background) that expresses the theme of the movie perfectly.  You can do the same thing in your books. No, no, … Continue reading

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Why Craft?

I have used the word craft to describe my process of taking a rough draft and turning it into prose so often that I’d almost forgotten that it wasn’t the common way of looking at the writing process. Recently, I … Continue reading

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Accuracy and Passion

I am writing my memoir of the early years with my three children of autism.  I’ve planned out and edited books that were driven by information.  This is very different.  It’s an interesting experience for my writing, because it’s much … Continue reading

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Differentiating Tasks: Ways to Improve Your Work

Writers have to do many things to get their work into publishable condition.  Some writers try to do many of these tasks simultaneously.  Others break up each task into a distinct draft.  Either method is fine, if it works for … Continue reading

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From Crafting to Editing and Back Again

Drafting, crafting, polishing, and editing are writing tasks that do not move in a straight line.  I am currently working on two longer, more complicated short stories than I usually try to complete.  One is the unplanned novella I mentioned … Continue reading

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