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Trailer Time: Daring to be Different

I’ve been away for a while and while I was gone I read these books: This is a teaser trailer. It is designed to pique interest. The assumption is that a lot of people have heard of the series and … Continue reading

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Envisioning Your Platform

Platform is a concept rife with built-in metaphorical significance.  According to Dictionary.com, a platform is “a raised flooring or other horizontal surface, such as, in a hall or meeting place, a stage for use by public speakers, performers, etc.”  On … Continue reading

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Why Quality Matters Throughout Your Process

This is a post about crafting.  I’m telling you this now, because it’s going to take us a bit to get around to that, but the journey will be worth it. Your platform is the system of marketing assets that … Continue reading

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Building Your Credibility

I’m pursuing a M.S. in Written Communications and I’m at the tail end of a class I had mixed feelings about.  On the one hand, the class is geared towards more of the beginner than I need.  On the other … Continue reading

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The Essential Platform

When it comes to platform, you have a nearly infinite number of choices.  A lot of people will tell you that social media is essential.  Sure, it’s a good idea, but if you have a better idea, then why shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Put a Little Purpose in Your Platform

What matters to you? Most people care about something.  It may be something big—like world hunger—or it may be something small—like a local animal shelter.  Big or small, what do you care about? As a writer, you can use your … Continue reading

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A New Business Plan: Part 2—Diversification

(Start with Part 1) Oftentimes writers get into the business because they want to do one thing: they want to be journalists, they want to be authors, they want to be novelists, or they want to be poets.  There’s absolutely … Continue reading

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