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Timing Is (Almost) Everything

Two big things are happening soon. First, my website http://www.StephanieAllenCrist.com is getting a much needed overhaul at the hands of experts in digital marketing. Second, my memoir, Discovering Autism / Discovering Neurodiversity is being self-published in both electronic and print … Continue reading

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Recovery Stage 7: The Trouble with Urgency

It is not intentionally ironic that I’m posting about urgency when I’m two days late getting my posting up. Rather than being intentionally ironic, consider it Exhibit X in a life full of exhibits of the trouble with urgency. Of … Continue reading

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Recruiting Beta Readers: A Marketing Strategy

As I’m working with my co-author, I’m learning a new strategy that can be used for marketing purposes.  You see, the book we’re working on is nonfiction.  We’re taking a traditionally professional topic and providing information about it in a … Continue reading

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Beta Readers

After you’ve done all that you can and all that you know how to do on your own, you may be tempted to think your book is ready to be published.  It’s not.  None of us are so talented, so … Continue reading

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Why Quality Matters Throughout Your Process

This is a post about crafting.  I’m telling you this now, because it’s going to take us a bit to get around to that, but the journey will be worth it. Your platform is the system of marketing assets that … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: Making the Book Trailer/Movie Trailer Connection

Is this trailer for a movie? Nope.  But it could be, couldn’t it? This trailer is really for a book, yet it has actors creating mini-scenes that reveal character and plot quickly and efficiently for the viewers’ pleasure.  It gets … Continue reading

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What Is Quality Worth?

When I was just starting out, I didn’t have to worry much about making money writing.  I was living at home, going to school, and the most common expenses I had to worry about were paper and ink for printing, … Continue reading

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