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Word of Mouth

When it comes to marketing, word of mouth is the goal.  No marketing campaign, no matter how well executed, no matter how expensive, no matter how thorough, can reach all the people who you want to move to try your … Continue reading

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Why Relationships Matter

Building relationships should be the main drive of your marketing.  Here’s why: ACFlory, blogger at Meeka’s Mind and author of Vokhtah, started reading my blog. She became a regular reader and I found her blog. I became a regular reader … Continue reading

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Election-Year Buckshot

I’ve never fired a gun, so perhaps this metaphor is a stretch, but as I understand it buckshot is tiny pellet-like stuff stuffed in place of a bullet that scatters out from the gun, hitting a lot of things on … Continue reading

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Nurturing the Muse

When a story idea is tender in our minds, it can be difficult to feed that idea the right “ingredients” to help it grow into a flourishing narrative worthy of telling.  We often try a lot of things to nurture … Continue reading

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