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Review: Seized by Lynne Cantwell

I wasn’t expecting to finish this book quite so soon.  I’m swamped with school work and paid work, so I didn’t take any special time out for reading.  I finished the book anyway.  It reads fast! Lynne Cantwell’s Seized is … Continue reading

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Prompt 6: Reach-Out Reviewing

Goal:  Build your audience. Strategy:  Reveal yourself as a reader. Prompt:  Review a book you’ve read lately. Okay, first, there’s a certain skill to reviewing and not everyone has it.  Most people will tell you to couch any bad things … Continue reading

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Review: Heart’s Blood

As you probably know from previous reviews, I very much enjoy Juliet Marillier’s style of writing and the stories she chooses to tell.  Heart’s Blood by Juliet Marillier is another success with me.  So much so that I often found … Continue reading

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Review: The Watchers of Ur: Cradle

I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled across LaMonte M. Fowler, but I know it was through social media.  This is another example of an author reaching out and making a connection with readers.  In this case, it resulted in … Continue reading

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Review: Steal Across the Sky

I must admit that my first taste of Nancy Kress wasn’t her fiction, but her non-fiction.  I read her writing about writing long before I read her actual writing.  So, when I saw Steal Across the Sky by Nancy Kress, … Continue reading

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Review: Little Fuzzy

It’s time to go old-school!  We’re talking 1962.  H. Beam Piper.  Little Fuzzy.  Classic sci-fi.  Oh, yeah! A story of galactic settlement.  A story of corporate greed.  A story of environmental consequences.  A story about assumptions, scientific proof, and the … Continue reading

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Review: Heir to Sevenwaters

As I suspect I’ve made quite clear, I’m a big fan of Juliet Marillier’s Sevenwaters Trilogy.  In 2008, a sequel to the trilogy was published, but it was only within the last year that I learned of it and it … Continue reading

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