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Medium Matters

When it comes to publishing, there are many mediums to choose from, starting with long or short in one direction (up and down?) and continuing to print or online in a perpendicular direction (across?). The mediums you choose to write … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing is Production and Distribution

Whenever you make your writing available to your readers, you are making a marketing decision. Whether the piece of writing is for sale or for free, whether it’s print or electronic, whether it’s distributed widely or narrowly, all these choices … Continue reading

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Turning the Tables: Short Story E-Books

Generally, the way a blog works is that someone with information, i.e. the blogger or guest blogger, writes a post that shares this information with the reader. This provides the blogger with a platform on which to demonstrate his or … Continue reading

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The Implications of Illusions

Recently, I have reviewed three books.  All three books have listed a publisher.  Only one book was published by an actual publishing company (at least, as far as I can tell). I’ve seen the advice that authors who self-publish should … Continue reading

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Pricing as Marketing?

Your price can say a lot about your product. Have you ever gone to the store to purchase a product you weren’t really familiar with, perhaps a part for your toilet or for your car, and looked at the different … Continue reading

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Are Short Stories Marketable?

I know you can sell short stories to magazines and have them published either online or in print, but I was surprised to discover that you can self-publish short stories through Amazon and sell them directly to customers.  I also … Continue reading

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