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Taking the Time

I’m terrible at acting on my social media knowledge, so feel free to skip this post to avoid a “do as I say, not as I do” lecture. But I hope you stick with me to better learn from my … Continue reading

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Marketing Works

I recently posted a review of a book I came across via the author’s marketing efforts (particularly, social media).  Before that, I took a look at an author who I came across via his marketing efforts (social media again), and … Continue reading

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Author Spotlight: Travis Breeding

I want to try something new.  I was on Facebook the other day—connecting with new people and interacting with people I’d already connected with—when I became connected with Travis Breeding.  He sent me a message and we chatted via Facebook … Continue reading

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The Advantages of Social Media, Reconnecting, and Asking for Help

The last two weeks have been rather crazy: another broken vehicle, a “new” member of our household, a week of the flu.  So, it was even crazier than usual.  Unfortunately, my busy life has disconnected me from many friends and … Continue reading

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