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Trailer Time: Oddity

This time picking a trailer was more difficult than usual. Here’s what I finally found: I usually like oddities. Different is good! The trouble with oddities, though, is that sometimes they are odd in ways that are different from your … Continue reading

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Trailer Time: A Single Word Can Insert Doubt

So, I watched this trailer: I like the concept.  I think I could enjoy the book.  But… Technology is a word commonly associated with computers and other devices which we use to manipulate the world around us.  We think of … Continue reading

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Loving Words

As a writer, you have a lot of tools.  But it all comes down to the words you use. As I go through life, as a reader, as a writer, as a student, and just living my life, I collect … Continue reading

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Ideas, Meaning, Audience, Words

There’s a lot of pressure to get the words right in this business.  But there’s not a whole lot of explanation as to what that really means. Our words start with our ideas.  Until we know what it is we’re … Continue reading

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