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Self-Publishing is Production and Distribution

Whenever you make your writing available to your readers, you are making a marketing decision. Whether the piece of writing is for sale or for free, whether it’s print or electronic, whether it’s distributed widely or narrowly, all these choices … Continue reading

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The Space In Between

Whenever you craft a story, whether it is fact or fiction, short or long, you inevitably leave things out. As you develop your skill as a writer, transitioning from amateur to apprentice, from apprentice to journeyman, from journeyman to master, … Continue reading

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Corner or Not, Here I Come!

The novel I’m writing is called The Coveted One. It is the first of at least three books. It’s also two stories in one; the story that will extend over the next three or four books frames the story that … Continue reading

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Using What You Have

We all have limited resources. When we stare down at what little we have and look up at how much we want to (or think we have to) build, it can all be very daunting and very overwhelming. It might … Continue reading

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Recovery Stage 5: Steering the Ship

Setting the course is an important step, but you also have to steer the ship. This is how dreams become practical realities and it’s a daily chore. Every day we have to make decisions about what we will do and … Continue reading

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You’ve Made a Mistake

We make mistakes.  We piss off our audience.  Often, we can’t go back and fix it without making things worse. What do you do? Well, what do you do in real life?  Because, whether the story is real or not, … Continue reading

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Slowing It Down to Speed It Up

Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to prefer to write my fast-paced scenes very quickly.  Unfortunately, while it seems exciting as I’m writing it, when I go back to read the passage it’s a mess.  So, I’ve gotten in … Continue reading

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